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Bike Room

Bicycling is on the rise as a preferred mode of transportation. Taking a bicycle instead of a car saves gas money, reduces environmental pollution, and keeps you healthy. If you’re in on the bicycling movement, you’ll love the onsite bike parking amenities at Eleanor Apartments.

The Gear Room at Eleanor is not only a place to easily store your bike, but it also has all the tools you’ll ever need to fix and maintain your cycle. There are even flat screen TVs to watch how-to repair videos on YouTube and a workbench, making upkeep and maintenance much easier. The Eleanor Gear Room means you never have to worry about taking you bicycle down from your apartment balcony! Of course, they are located on the ground floor giving you convenient and easy road access.

The new eco-friendly Eleanor Apartment homes are located in the picturesque Roosevelt neighborhood. Take an evening trip down one of the many tree-lined streets, enjoy the beauty of the early 1900s Craftsman-style architecture of the homes or head over to Ravenna Park or Cowan Park, two of Seattle’s historic areas, and both are local to your new home. Make sure to stop into one of the neighborhood eateries on the way back! The Roosevelt neighborhood is very bicycle-friendly. Whether you ride your bike into work every day or only get out on the weekends, don’t forget to ask our staff about the community Gear Room at The Eleanor Apartments. They’re built for you. Pedal on!