The 10 Best St. Patty's Day Bars in Seattle for 2017

Alrighty! St. Patrick’s Day, the day on which everyone who wants to avoid a painful pinch or two wears green, is here again! But really, St. Patrick’s day is about much more than wearing green and doling out pinches. It’s about celebrating the Patron Saint of the Emerald Isle, St. Patrick, of course – DUH! And how does Seattle celebrate this cultural and religious national treasure?

Well, there are a couple of ways.

The Irish Heritage Club hosts a few cultural events during Irish Week.

The St. Patty’s Day events hosted by the Irish Heritage Club are a great way to experience the culture and history surrounding this holiday. But, don’t worry – we know what you want. If you’re looking for the best St. Patty’s Day Bars in Seattle, you’re in luck! The party crew here at Eleanor know just which pubs are worth a visit for a pint or two on St. Patty’s day. Here are the best St. Patty’s Day Bars in Seattle for 2017.

TS McHugh’s

TS McHugh’s Seattle WA

Make your way to McHugh’s, just a block from Seattle center in Lower Queen anne, on St Patty’s day for their special holiday menu featuring corned beef and cabbage, beef & guinness pie, and the pub’s famous Soda Bread. There’s also live music, a dozen irish whiskies, and a ton of delicious rotating draughts!

2. Murphy’s Pub


Murphy’s Pub Seattle WA

Widely known as Seattle’s very first Irish Pub, Murphy’s has been serving up pints of Guinness to the denizens of Wallingford since 1981. They’re also known as the first bar to start a St. Patty’s Day tradition, which makes it possibly the best candidate for starting your own St. Patty’s Day tradition in 2017.

3. Fado Irish Pub

Fado Irish Pub Seattle WA

Fado is probably the most well-known, well-attended Irish pub in downtown Seattle, and they always go all out on St. Patrick’s Day. On March 17th, Fado opens incredibly early, they host live bands all day, and they stock up on enough beer and irish whiskey to properly douse the entire town a couple times over. Check their Facebook for a full list of the festivities.

4. The Owl N Thistle

The Owl N Thistle Seattle WA

Located in Pioneer Square, The Owl n Thistle Irish Pub is another contender for the top Irish pub in Downtown Seattle. They do St. Patrick’s Day right, opening at 11 am with enough different celtic and rock bands to send you jigging into next week. Visit their site for a full list of performers and menus.

5. The Old Pequliar

The Old Pequliar Seattle WA

The Old Peculiar is a warm and welcoming neighborhood favorite in Ballard. Whatever The Old Pequliar lacks in swankiness it makes up for in charm and character. In the past, they’ve gone all out with a full on St. Patty’s day weekend. We’re not sure what they’re up to this year, but one thing’s for sure – it promises to be a totally awesome time!

6. Toronado Seattle

Toronado Seattle WA

The Toronado in Roosevelt, right around the corner from Eleanor in fact, isn’t a traditional Irish Pub like you might think of, but they still go big on St Patrick’s Day. This year, they’re hosting their St. Patrick’s Throw Down Special with a ton of corned beef, Irish whisky, and beer! Don’t miss it! Check their Facebook event for more info!

7. Finn MacCool’s

Finn MacCools Seattle WA

In the U-district looking for a good time on St. Patrick’s Day? There’s no reason you should go anywhere besides Finn MacCool’s – the premier Irish Pub among UW students. It may be a little extra rowdy, thanks to the clientele, but Finn MacCool’s still provides all of the trappings for a successful St. Patrick’s Day.

8. Conor Byrne

Conor Byrne Seattle WA

Perhaps the premier Irish Pub in the Ballard area, Conor Byrne Celebrates St. Patty’s day by opening at noon with live music starting at 1pm. If you’re in the ballard area and you’re looking to celebrate at a nice spot that is definitely not a dive, you’ve got your spot.

9. Mulleady’s

Mulleady’s Seattle WA

Barely qualifying as a pub, Mulleady’s in the Magnolia neighborhood of Seattle definitely provides the most refined of St. Patty’s Day celebrations on our list. This year they’re offering a 5 course dinner that is certain to knock your socks off. Plus, they have all the requisite whiskies and ales necessary for a proper St. Patrick’s Day.

10. Latona Pub 

Latona Pub Seattle WA

Another Pub right around the corner from Eleanor, the Latona Pub was recently voted the best neighborhood pub in Seattle for Greenlake. They’re also special because they offer an alternative to the traditional St Patty’s Day experience, serving up Happy Hour jazz courtesy of Seattle jazz extraordinaire Phil Sparks.

There you have it! If you can’t find a suitable pub in which to celebrate from this list, then may St. Patrick help you!

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