Home life within a techhub can look a little different than elsewhere. If you’re lucky enough to live in a Seattle Apartment, you’re surrounded by companies like Amazon, Google, and Microsoft, not to mention the sea of techies that live here. This means that you live in an area where people really value and utilize some incredible new apartment gadgets, and if you’re concerned with keeping up with the Joneses, you’re lucky in that all of these gadgets are readily available for your purchase. Aside from just keeping current with the other Seattle techies and their chosen apartment gadgets, many of the gadgets we’ve listed below actually do a lot to improve your daily life. Plus, they’re just SO COOL!

1. Ikea’s Wireless Charging Furniture

We’ve all experienced it, you make the mad dash to find a phone charger for your smartphone only to have it die right there in your hands. Nothing is more devastating than having your phone shut off when you’re in the middle of a mean game of Words With Friends or you’re about to send a hilarious text message. Why not make it easier on yourself with wireless charging furniture? You can place these devices all around your apartment, so you can keep your precious powered up at all times. Sounds pretty futuristic right? It is! But that doesn’t mean it’s not already available!

2. August Smart Lock

Forget losing your keys or getting locked out. The August Smart Lock turns your smartphone into a digital key that can lock and unlock your door with a push of a button. You also have the ability create virtual keys and codes for guests or delivery people. What’s more, the August mobile app lets you monitor your lock’s activity, allowing you to keep track of who goes in and out of your home and when. Plus, you’ll never have to worry to remember to lock the door – August connects to your WIFI allowing you to remote lock and unlock from anywhere!

3. Spin Remote

Aren’t you sick of having an increasingly larger collection of remotes every time you get a new tv or switch cable providers? People have complained about this since the dawn of time. Therefore, it makes no sense to talk about apartment gadgets without discussing those that can help you cut down on the herd of remotes migrating across your apartment. Enter the Spin Remote, one gadget can control all your devices, whether they are smart electronics or not. And, it has a sleek and simple design. There are no buttons to figure out – you just gesture with your finger to perform functions. Pretty cool, eh?

4. The Notti

At Eleanor Apartments, we don’t want you to miss a thing. Now, you’ll never miss a call or notification again with Notti. Instead, get notifications, in style. The Notti is a  light that connects to your smartphone and changes color when you receive calls, texts, and app updates. You just assign different colors to the notifications and alarms and wait for the show to begin. Plus, you can set it to display a light show when you play music, giving you an instant rave in your bedroom.

5. Nespresso VentuoLine

It’s a decision that thousands of Seattleites are faced with every day: to drink either coffee or espresso. Some of us are plagued with yet another decision – Do I make coffee at home, or do I get it on the go. With a Nespresso machine, you’re daily coffee questions will finally come to an end. It uses capsule technology to quickly make delicious espresso or coffee right at home – and no one’s saying that you can’t take it with you!  Yes, you heard that right – despite us being a Seattle apartment community surrounded by amazing coffee shops, we want you to know that a delicious, at-home cup of coffee is easily attainable with this particular apartment gadget.

6. Full Circle Kitchen Compost Collector

If you’re a seasoned Seattleite, you already know the importance of composting your scraps, and if you’re new to Seattle, you’re about to find out! According to city law, you have to compost your food waste, or you may be fined. But beyond that, environmental sustainability is just good practice. Eleanor Apartments believes wholeheartedly in fully participating in composting. As you may have guessed, there are all sorts of apartment gadgets that Seattleites have employed to make composting even easier. Full Circle is one such gadget that uses patented technology to allow proper airflow through its composting container, which helps with odor.

7. Phillips Wake-Up Light

Getting ripped our of your tranquil rest by a shrill alarm clock is no way to start the day, especially when you have an apartment gadget that can make waking up feel a little more natural. Phillips has created a series apartment gadgets that use natural light and sound to wake you up in a delicate manner. The Wake-Up Light simulates a 30-minute sunrise to coax you from sleep. Additionally, it’s a nightlight that won’t disturb your rest. With so much gloom during the Seattle winters, the wake-up-light means that you might become most chipper person in the office!

8. WeMo Switch

Have you ever left your apartment only to worry that you forgot to turn out the lights, or you left the TV running? Well, worrying about the appliances in your apartment when you’re not there is now a thing of the past. The WeMo Switch allows you to control lights and appliances with your smartphone, from anywhere using WIFI. You can also set your lights to go on and off at certain times during the day to help you wake up, go to bed, and save energy. It’s a good mixture of convenience and ingenuity working together to save you time and money, which Eleanor Apartments wholeheartedly believes in.

9. Mellow Sous-Vide Machine

You’ve probably heard about the Sous -Vide craze that’s currently all the rage. You know, where you prepare food in plastic bags that are then submerged in hot water? Well, guess what? Now you can get in on the action. No, you don’t have to be a chef to make awesome Sous-Vide meals. Just get clever apartment gadgets that do the work for you! Mellow Sous-Vide Machine uses a smartphone app to heat and circulate water in order to cook food just right. You just pop the food in a bag, set the machine according to directions, and let it do its thing. Now, you have a whole new way of preparing gourmet meals in your apartment.

10. Amazon Echo

The hometown hero, Amazon Echo. If you’ve seen the commercials, you know that the Amazon Echo is like a personal assistant. The device uses voice control technology to execute various commands. Among other capabilities, the Echo can answer your questions, give you traffic reports, keep track of your schedule,  and read you books or the news. Or, do something that Eleanor Apartments residents love to do – order delivery from your favorite local restaurants, or order groceries. Oh, and remember the WeMo we mentioned earlier? The Echo can be synced to it and other similar apartment gadgets, so you can easily control lights and appliances with just your voice.

At Eleanor, we want to provide a place that allows residents to experience the absolute best of the Emerald City. As a part of that experience, we want you to know about the the tools that will enable you to make your living experience more functional and enjoyable. When you live in Seattle, you’re inundated with incredibly clever tech gadgets and apps every day. It’s not as though you need the apartment gadgets listed above, but they will help you optimize comfort and convenience within your home.

When our residents aren’t benefiting from convenience and modernity in the comfort of their own homes, they get to take advantage of our fantastic amenities, like WI-FI in all common areas and top-of-the-line exercise equipment in our 24-hour fitness center.

Looking for a modern place to plug – or not plug – your Apartment gadgets? Check out the Eleanor Apartments in the Roosevelt neighborhood of Seattle!