We’re in the middle of September, but there’s still a little Summer left to be had in Seattle. Hey, the weather still beautiful, so take advantage of it while you can! But, because Seattlites are so used to it staying relatively cool up here, denizens of Roosevelt and Seattle as a whole may be scrambling for ways to avoid the heat during these remaining weeks before Autumn really kicks in. If you’re one of these folks that are counting the days until Fall, while desperately clinging to the last remaining threads of Summer we have left, why not head to Roosevelt? There is plenty to do in Roosevelt to cool off when the weather’s nice- here are 4 of our favorites…

1) Take a Dip in Green Lake

Green-Lake-Ways-To-Beat-The-Summer-Heat-Eleanor-Apartments-Seattle,WA Green-Lake-Ways-To-Beat-The-Summer-Heat-Eleanor-Apartments-Seattle,WA Green Lake is a favorite spot for Recreation for the North End of Seattle. The two swimming beaches on the east and west ends of the lake hosts tons of swimmers year round. Just a quick walk or bike ride from Roosevelt (there’s also a large parking lot), Green Lake is the go-to lake-swimming spot during summer. Plus, the park also includes a play area for kids, onsite bathrooms, basketball courts, swimming rafts, diving boards, and on-duty lifeguards during the summer.   

2) Head to a Pool to Take a Swim

Evans-Pool-Ways-To-Beat-The-Summer-Heat-Eleanor-Apartments-Seattle,WA If lake swimming isn’t exactly your thing, there are a couple of pools in the area that are just as good for cooling off on a late summer day, but they’re even better during other times of the year. 

Evans Pool is one of eight indoor pools operated and maintained by the City of Seattle. Located in the Green Lake Community Center on the shores of Green Lake, Evans Pool is a great public pool for all denizens of Roosevelt and the metropolitan Seattle area. The pool features free WIFI, a sauna, a 1m diving board, family changing rooms, and portable access chairs. 


Wedgewood Pool is a community Swim Club open from mid-May through September that caters to the families in the Roosevelt and Wedgewood neighborhoods. Wedgewood is a great place to take a dip in a pool, but only if you’re a member. Membership is restricted to 295 families, so if you plan on taking a dip here to escape the late Summer heat, you might have to make friends with some of the locals. 

3) Head to Northgate Mall

North-Gate-Mall-Ways-To-Beat-The-Summer-Heat-Eleanor-Apartments-Seattle,WA If you’re in Roosevelt seeking shelter from the summer heat and swimming isn’t in the cards, try heading up to Northgate, where they pump the AC full blast during business hours. When it’s hot, and you don’t feel like swimming, the mall is always a great place to cool off, even if you’re not planning on doing any shopping – grab a cold drink and get some window shopping in. 

Regal-Cinemas-Stadium-14-Ways-To-Beat-The-Summer-Heat-Eleanor-Apartments-Seattle,WA On the other hand, if you feel like catching a little entertainment while you chill out, head to the theater at NorthGate to catch a movie. Regal Thornton Place Stadium 14 & IMAX is one of those awesome megaplex mall movie theaters with stadium seats, more than a dozen screens, 3D, and all the snacks and soft drinks you could ever want – perfect for cooling off on a hot day! 

4) Chill out at Elenor

Eleanor-Club-Room-Ways-To-Beat-The-Summer-Heat-Eleanor-Apartments-Seattle,WA Eleanor Apartments, one of the newest additions to Roosevelt, Seattle features AC in select units and in our amenity spaces. So, if you’re in Roosevelt, and you need to cool off, and swimming or heading to the mall isn’t your cup of iced-tea, your best bet is to make friends with a resident of Eleanor, so you can stop by and cool off! Or, better yet, move on in and enjoy all that air conditioned goodness on your own!   


Eleanor has a variety of spacious and fantastic floorplans that are sure to suit any lifestyle. If you’re looking for a new apartment in Roosevelt where you can keep cool and live in style, check out Eleanor apartments! Our homes are going fast!


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