Roosevelt might be Seattle’s most dog-friendly neighborhood


Looking for a new corner of Seattle for you and your pooch to call home? Well, don’t overlook the Roosevelt neighborhood in North Seattle. It’s a fantastic corner of town, with plenty for you and your four-legged friend to do. Here’re 4 Reasons the Roosevelt neighborhood of Seattle is perfect for dogs:

1. The Outdoors

Whether you want to play fetch, go for a walk, or just chill out doors, in Roosevelt, you’re mere minutes from a number of great outdoor places for your dog to enjoy.

  1. Ravenna Park– A great place for giving your pup a little slice of nature, especially when you don’t have a ton of time. Ravenna’s trail is great for afternoon walks, or some serious Urban Hiking.
  2. Cowen Park– Directly adjacent to Ravenna, Cowen has a nice big field perfect for fetch, lounging in the sun, or most importantly,  back-scratching.
  3. Green Lake– Green Lake’s long loop is a wonderful outdoor spot to walk your dog, which is easy to see by how many dogs are out there every day.
  4. Woodland Park– On the Southern end of Green Lake, Woodland Park is Roosevelt’s nearest off-leash dog park, perfect for you pooch to make friends!

2. Dog-Friendly Spots

If you’re looking to go out, but you don’t wanna leave your dog at home, you’re in luck! Roosevelt is home to a ton of Dog-friendly businesses and restaurants, all of which welcome the sight of their daily four-legged visitors. Here’re a few quick highlights…

Dog Friendly Bars

  1. Latona Pub – A quick jaunt over to Green Lake to get to Latona Pub is completely worth it, especially with a furry pal in tow. This Green Lake/Roosevelt bar is now known as a popular neighborhood haunt due to their inclusion of canines.
  2. Cafe Racer – Just south of Ravenna Blvd, is Cafe Racer, a quaint little establishment that serves coffee and beer and everything in between.
  3. Roosevelt Ale House – On the Northern end of the Roosevelt neighborhood is Roosevelt Ale House, the neighborhood’s premiere beer establishment, complete with an outdoor patio that warmly welcomes pups of all kinds.

Dog-Friendly Eateries

  1. 72nd Street Cafe – Not only is 72nd Street cafe extremely dog friendly, they also get bonus points for having a dog grooming spot right next store which is under the same ownership!
  2. Coa Mexican Eatery and Tequileria – If you’re in the mood for top-notch, traditional Mexican food, but you don’t want to leave your dog at home, just head up to Coa, where you and your dog are welcome!
  3. Portage Bay Cafe on 65th – A popular restaurant with a few other locations around town, Portage Bay serves up mouth-watering sustainable eats. Plus, they love dogs!

3. Plenty of places to make sure your pooch is prim, proper, and healthy!

There’s a number places in and around Roosevelt for you to take your pooch to make sure they’re properly cared for. Plus, if anything happens to your dog, God forbid, you’re right around the corner from a number of vet services in the area, so you can get your pup patched up! Here are few of the best pet services surrounding the Roosevelt neighborhood.

      1. Health Mutt
      2. Posh Paws Grooming Salon
      3. Animal Eye Clinic
      4. Great Dog Obedience School
      5. Grooming Spa
      6. Green Lake Animal Hospital
      7. Maple Leaf Veterinary Care Center
      8. Ravenna Animal Hospital

4. Dog-Friendly Apartments

Finally, one of the MAJOR things that makes Roosevelt a fantastic neighborhood for dogs and their owners are the Dog-friendly apartments at Eleanor! Now you and your four-legged friend can enjoy the comfort and convenience of life in the Roosevelt neighborhood of Seattle. Not only are our Floorplans well-suited for your furry companions, the building at Eleanor is also well-equipped to handle all of your pooch’s needs.

  1. The Dog Salon – At Eleanor Apartments, we understand that life can get messy. In fact, we embrace the idea, which is why Eleanor Apartment Homes make it easy for you and your dogs. Our on-site dog salon is wholly unique to our community. Whether it’s the Sunday night bath, or you just want to clean your buddy after an outing around the neighborhood, our dog salon makes it easy to keep your best friend looking their best.
  2. Gear Wall – Many of our Floorplans at Eleanor come with a gear closet and wall for you to store all of your outdoorsy stuff without cluttering or messing up your apartment. The gear wall is just as effective at keeping all of your pup’s stuff in line as well; leashes, balls, you name it! It’s all easily accessible, so come walk time, nothing is holding you up.

If you and your furry friend are looking for a new place to call home, Eleanor Apartments in Roosevelt are ready to welcome you both with open arms and slobbery kisses…well maybe not the latter.

If you’re interested in living at Eleanor, please get in touch today!