z7 Tips to Tastefully Decorate Your 1 Bedroom Apartment Seattle WA

Can you make a 1 bedroom apartment a dream home? We at Eleanor Apartments know it’s possible! You don’t have to be afraid of making a rented space your own; you’re certainly up to the challenge. Plus, you don’t need tons of money to get started. All it takes is a bit of planning and research. Even if you’re going to share an apartment with someone else, there are many ways to effectively utilize your belongings and floor plan to create an awesome living experience. If you’re searching for apartment tips that help you convey your style and personality, look no further. Here is a list of Eleanor Apartments’  favorite decorating techniques.

1. Bring in Some Indoor Plants

Plants serve many purposes, just look at our blog post from last week!  Obviously, their claim to fame is that they keep us all alive through the recycling of air, but did you know that they could also do wonders for your apartment? Outside of naturally purifying your apartment air, indoor plants are a great way of filling corners or areas that don’t house furniture well. They also bring some color into the space and create a natural, comforting environment. Plus, plants can act as stylish dividers if you’re want to create multiple living sections in one room.

2. Hang Mirrors in Your 1 Bedroom Apartment

Perhaps you’ve heard about the magical powers of mirrors. Mirrors can reflect light in such a way that makes a room feel large and airy. Just make sure to place them in spots where they can catch the light well. For example, you can hang a mirror directly across from a window to magically open up your space. Go towards the light; lamps or other items that have mirror-like, reflective qualities that provide a lot of light can have a similar effect.

3. Less Is More

As you’re parsing through Eleanor’s apartment tips on decorating, remember that minimal design is always an option. When picking out furniture, try to avoid large or overly ornate pieces so your apartment feels well proportioned and balanced. There are many small to moderate furnishings that look great, don’t add to the clutter, and ensure that the apartment’s flow is not negatively affected. Also, consider using simpler, more neutral colors; you’ll have an easier time mixing and matching if color is a primary concern of yours. Additionally, long curtains on the windows will work well with the lighter colors by allowing more light and to generate a feeling of more space.

4. Make It Your Own

Just because you’re renting your Downtown Portland apartments doesn’t mean you can’t decorate it in a way that makes you feel like you’ve lived there all your life. Fill the walls of your 1 bedroom apartment with your favorite pictures, posters, and memories. Floating shelves are a fantastic way to showcase pictures of your family and friends. Also, you can make your personal items ornamental. For example, take your cool-looking jewelry or kitchen accessories out of the drawers and hang them on the walls. It gives your decor a unique and rustic feel, and it provides more drawer room for the items that are not exactly show ready.

5. Embrace Your Space

Try to utilize your décor and furnishings in a way that is complementary to your floor plan and finishes. At Eleanor Apartments, this is easier to do than you might think. Why? Our apartment tips complement our philosophy of Thoughtful Living. Our designs and floor plans were created with you in mind. We believe you should live in an apartment that is conducive to you and your needs. That’s why we offer several spacious floor plans, including three different 1 bedroom apartment layouts.

Plus, we’ve worked hard to design quality finishes and amenities that encourage a sense of style, comfort, and a warm and inviting living experience. Whatever your style is, you’ll find it enhanced by the modern cabinetry,the chic quartz counters, and the glass tile back splashes.

It’s worth mentioning that Thoughtful Living is not restricted to the space inside of your apartment. The Eleanor includes several social areas that all residents can use and enjoy. And don’t worry…free Wi-Fi is available in all social spaces. So, feel free to work and play in our Community Lounge, fitness center, and rooftop deck. And yes, you can even get Wi-Fi in the Gear Room where you can store and maintain your bike.

6. Plan Ahead

Before you start loading up your apartment rooms with all your belongings, plan out how you are going to fill them. Try to have a general idea of the style and look you want for your 1 bedroom apartment. Decide if you’re going to divide rooms up into distinct sections. Once you have an idea of the layout, figure out how to arrange your furniture, and then you can hit the ground running with our apartment tips. Just make sure to take the time to get accurate measurements of spaces, so you can ensure everything will fit.

7. Embrace Hidden Storage to Save Space

Hidden storage is always a good way to go, especially when decorating a 1 bedroom apartment. Try to find pieces of furniture that will double as storage spaces. Look for coffee tables that have some usable space underneath. Make use of storage ottomans and benches. If you plan on purchasing a new bed, consider a platform bed or one that includes drawers on the bottom. Also, skirts can instantly turn normal tables and open sinks into mini closets that can hold various belongings.

Remember, It doesn’t take a lot to make a 1 bedroom apartment the home of your dreams.

You can find the right apartment for you in the Roosevelt Neighborhood of Seattle. Just give Eleanor Apartments a call today!