Eleanor Apartments Near Greenlake

We won’t mince words: there’s no better place to live than in the Emerald City. And, a big reason why it has gained such an impressive reputation is because of its many eclectic neighborhoods. Each community has its own unique personality and vibe while still proudly maintaining an identity that is genuinely Seattle. Eleanor Apartments just so happens to be in one of the most coveted areas of the city: Green Lake. There’s no shortage of incredible things to discover in this lively and charming neighborhood. It’s no wonder Eleanor’s Green Lake apartments are quickly leasing up!

Why Is the Area So Special?

Many renters choose apartments near Greenlake because they pretty much have everything right at their fingertips. Downtown is just a few miles away! Greenlake is in an pseudo-urban setting, but it’s still able to preserve a homely, neighborhood feel. For this reason, the area is perfect for singles, couples and families alike!

Aerial view of Green Lake in Seattle

Additionally, we can’t forget the gem of the neighborhood – the actual eponymous Green Lake which is about a half mile from Eleanor’s apartments. Every day, thousands of people make their way to Green Lake Park to exercise, play, relax and just enjoy life. And, of course, with a gorgeous body of water and a booming neighborhood population, there is a plethora of restaurants and businesses that are thriving and helping the economy flourish.

The History

Pioneers first settled Greenlake in the 1860s. It wasn’t annexed to Seattle until 1891. The area gets its name from – wait for the big shock – the Lake and its proneness to green algae. It was originally a spot for retreating from downtown and was mainly occupied by logging homesteaders.

Swimmers at Green Lake Seattle 1936

By the early 1900s, the area became the subject of a city plan to create more green space. In 1911, the Lake water was lowered to generate park space. And, over the next half-century, several recreational spots were developed including the Green Lake Aqua Theater, which served the first-ever Seafair Festival. In the following years, the neighborhood continued to expand, and the development of Green Lake apartments, homes and commerce exploded.

A Little Slice of Nature in the Middle of the City

A Little Slice of Nature in the Middle of the City

While you’re enjoying the Park, it’s easy to forget that you’re actually in the middle of a major metropolitan city. The Lake attracts many different types of wildlife including bald eagles, owls, turtles, trout, squirrels and rabbits. Moreover, the area is lush with beautiful plants and trees. The combination of the water, animals and greenery makes for a truly serene environment.

Things to Do When You Live in Green Lake Apartments

It’s easy to live an active, healthy and fun lifestyle when you’re a Green Lake resident. There are numerous outdoor activities to appreciate.

  • Get your heart going by walking, running or biking on the nearly 3-mile path that surrounds the Lake.
  • Take an exquisite dip at the Lake’s beaches and docks, or hit up the 150,000-gallons of heated water in Evans Pool.
  • Take to the water with Greenlake Boathouse, which provides various rentals including rowboats, sailboats, canoes, kayaks, pedal boats, paddle boards and water hammocks.
  • Gather up some friends for a Frisbee, soccer, softball, tennis or basketball game on one of the many Green Lake courts and fields.

Pic from City of Seattle

Pic from City of Seattle

At Eleanor, we feel extremely proud to be a part of the Greenlake neighborhood. Residents of our Greenlake apartments enjoy roomy floor plans as well as luxurious social spaces while being in the heart of all that Greenlake has to offer. All of this allows us to promote a well-balanced lifestyle for our tenants, so much so that they can’t imagine living anywhere else.

Does this sound like a community you want to be a part of? Contact us to learn about our apartments near Greenlake!