Eleanor is proud to Receive LEED Gold Certification

That’s right – thank you to the Green Business Certification Institute for our Gold LEED certification!

A few months ago we posted a blog to highlight Eleanor’s Green features. In that post, we discussed our pursuit of Gold LEED certification for Eleanor’s building. Well, we’re happy to say that the certification finally arrived, and now Eleanor is officially recognized as a sustainable, green community!

What is LEED?

LEED for Homes stands for “Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design”, and it’s an internationally recognized green building certification system. For a home to receive a certification, there has to be a good amount of forethought with design and construction. Afterall, LEED certification encompasses everything about your building, from the materials used, the way the community deals with waste, heating, lighting, indoor air quality…the list goes on and on, but one thing’s for sure – The U.S. Green Building Council is extremely thorough with their certifications.

LEED is ultimately changing the way that people think about buildings and communities, and the ways in which those places are built and maintained. There are a few different Green Building certification programs, but LEED is the mostly widely utilized and trusted, with around 1.85 million square feet of space certified every single day.

Remember that people spend an average of 90% of their time indoors, and indoor air can often have four to five times the number of pollutants as outdoor air. LEED buildings are built to be healthier and safer by providing cleaner indoor air, and they use less energy and water which allows for significant monthly savings on utilities. They’re also designed to use about 30 to 60 percent less energy than your average home.

Eleanor’s Green Features

At Eleanor, we’re beyond thrilled to receive LEED certification. Everything about our community comes downs to Thoughtful Living, our bedrock philosophy by which we determine and define the ways that our community can provide residents with the absolute best experience of Seattle. Thoughtful Living encompasses your experience of the building as well as that of the community, and as a Seattle apartment community, sustainability and green living were among our primary concerns when designing Eleanor’s homes, buildings and amenities. Here are some of Eleanor’s incredible Green features –

Irrigated Rooftop and Courtyard

We designed Eleanor’s courtyard to be irrigated with stormwater collected on our Roof. This helps maintain our landscaping while reducing the effects of rainwater on the building’s exterior fixtures.

Our Gleaming Solar Panels

Eleanor is proud to include fifty-five visible 240-watt photovoltaic solar panels right next to our rooftop deck! The solar panels provide us with enough electricity to power all of our social and amenity spaces!

Our Gleaming Solar Panels Seattle wa

Easy On-site Recycling and Composting

Recycling and composting is one of the easiest and most immediate ways to make a positive environmental impact. Eleanor makes Recycling and Composting both easy and convenient. Deal with your waste responsibly and easily at Eleanor!


Additional Green Features

Every apartment home at Eleanor features high-efficiency plumbing fixtures and appliances courtesy of Whirlpool.

Washer & Dryer area Roosevelt WA

There’s also Sun-shades in each of the  units and amenity spaces to efficiently control the interior temperature.

Bedroom Area, Apartment Seattle, WA

Playing Pool at Eleanor Seattle WA

Plus, water-saving faucets and showerheads.  

Kitchen Sink at Eleanor Seattle WA

What’s the Big Deal about LEED certification in Seattle?

The first word in LEED is Leadership, and we’re happy to be leading the way for environmentally friendly living in Seattle, WA. Sure, we know it might seem like the typical thing for a Seattle apartment community to do, but really Gold LEED certifications happen far less often than they should. Only about 8% of residential spaces in Washington State are LEED certified.  But that number is on the rise!

Living sustainably and comfortably is not mutually exclusive. Remember, it all comes back to Thoughtful Living.  At Eleanor, we purposefully design our community to allow our residents to live a complete life, both within their own home and our building, as well as within the greater community of Roosevelt, Seattle.

If you’re looking for a new exciting corner of town where you can enjoy your neighborhood and your home while living as one with the environment, Eleanor is the spot for you!

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