Is Roosevelt Seattle’s Best Kept Secret?


A quick internet search of ‘best neighborhoods in Seattle’ will reveal a ton of recommendations for the city’s more well-known locales. Capitol Hill, Ballard, Fremont, Queen Anne, they’re all popular choices for Seattleites who think they know where it’s at.

But what about Roosevelt? Why doesn’t this incredible corner of town receive more praise?

Afterall, in Roosevelt, we truly have it all; an award winning school, some of the best shopping in town, easy access to a couple of the city’s most coveted parks, some of the best bars and restaurants, and some of the best places to live!

So why does it seem that Roosevelt is missing from Seattle’s neighborhood blogosphere?

We’re not exactly sure, but we’re going to change it!

Is Roosevelt Seattle’s best kept-secret?! You betcha, and here’s why:

One of the State’s Best Schools, Roosevelt High!

Roosevelt-High-School-waNot only does Roosevelt High boast a number of notable Alumni (which include world-famous musicians and a fewNobel Prize winners), it also has the city’s only full-time drama program, a multiple award-winning music program, and numerous state championships to its name. Overall, Roosevelt is ranked 6th in the state and 332nd in the nation, making it one of the best public high schools in the city!

Relatively Low Commute Times

Relatively Low Commute Times seattle waThe image above is of the Roosevelt corridor, a well known arterial route through Seattle that’s utilized by both public transportation and individual commuters. The Roosevelt neighborhood has long been known as a transportation hub for Seattle, allowing urbanites to quickly travel north and south through town. Plus, Seattle’s department of transportation recently unveiled plans to revamp the corridor and institute a Rapid transit program to help commuters get where they need to go even faster. The project will connect Downtown, South Lake Union, Eastlake, U District, Roosevelt, Maple Leaf and Northgate into a single rapid-ride route. Soon, denizens of Roosevelt will enjoy even lower commute times relative to the rest of Seattle.

The Parks, Baby!

We’ve mentioned them before, but it bears repeating. One of the things that make Roosevelt such a fun neighborhood, and such a wonderful place to live, is the access and proximity to Green Lake, Cowen park, and Ravenna Park. These parks are great for both outdoor recreation with a group, or for a nice quiet stroll to clear your mind. As a result, Roosevelt provides residents with both urban convenience alongside a natural setting. With this much green, Roosevelt lets you live in Seattle without every feeling like you live in a massive urban environment.

Can you say Walkability?

Living in Roosevelt Seattle waC’mon, it’s not that hard to say! Seriously though, Roosevelt is one of the more walkable neighborhoods in Seattle, with a walkscore of 81! Most of your errands and daily stops can be reached on foot, adjacent neighborhoods are easily accessible via public transportation, and it’s incredibly bike-friendly with no major hills to speak of. If you’re looking to live in a neighborhood where you don’t need a car, Roosevelt is it!

The Culinary Scene

The Roosevelt neighborhood may be Seattle’s best kept-secret, but the food here sure isn’t. Did you know that within a few city blocks you can try different foods that hail from completely different corners of the planet? Seriously, so many culinary cultures are well represented in Roosevelt, which certainly adds to the neighborhood’s secret specialty. Here are a few of our favorite spots that are just around the corner from Eleanor:

  1. Rain City Burgers
  2. An Nam Pho
  3. Sushi Tokyo
  4. Pies N Pints
  5. Wayward Vegan Cafe
  6. Salvatore Ristorante Italiano
  7. India Bistro
  8. Casa Patrone
  9. Marcello Ristorante
  10. Thaprachan Thai Cuisine

The People Here are Really Special

roosevelt seattle waThere is a certain kind of friendliness that exists in Roosevelt. You may have heard of the Seattle Freeze, but we here to tell you this particular social phenomenon doesn’t exist in Roosevelt. We’re not exactly sure why that is, but this neighborhood can feel like a small town in many ways. There’s a true tight-knit community here, and the high school, along with its attending families, help build upon the neighborhood camaraderie. Plus, there’s a very well-organized neighborhood association that goes out of its way to host community events and provide neighborhood news. People love living here, and it shows in the way they treat one another. Roosevelt is the type of neighborhood where you can enjoy the broader aspects of living in a city, while still living in a contained enough neighborhood where you get to know all of your neighbors.

Plenty of Available Places to Live

Is Roosevelt Seattle’s best-kept secret? Well, after this blog post, probably not! The cat’s outta the bag! When it comes to living here, there’s no reason this neighborhood should be overlooked. Capitol Hill, Fremont, Wallingford…they’re all great, but why live in the hustle and bustle of those oversaturated neighborhoods when you can live mere minutes away in a nicer, more relaxing neighborhood?

Plus, in those neighborhoods, you’re going to be hard pressed to find a suitable spot to live. But in Roosevelt, there are plenty of great places, like Eleanor. Located in the Heart of Roosevelt, Eleanor is a brand new building that provides our residents with an amazingly comfortable place to live alongside access to Seattle’s most coveted neighborhood and beyond. Here, you have the best of Seattle; the schools, the people, the food, the accommodations…you name it, you’ve got it in Roosevelt.

If you’re looking to become a part of this incredible community, choose Eleanor! We’re ready to welcome you home!

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