Eleanor’s Tips for Throwing the Best Rooftop Party This Summer

Eleanor Apartments is proud to declare that the season of rooftop parties has officially returned. Everyone knows that when you mix summertime with rooftop decks, you get pure awesomeness. But, that doesn’t necessarily mean that a party is automatically a success. Throwing an incredible rooftop extravaganza takes some preparation and planning.

But, don’t get discouraged! It’s actually quite simple to put together an epic rooftop extravaganza, especially when you live at Eleanor Apartments – brand new, lavish apartments near Green Lake – complete with an amazing rooftop lounge area exclusive to residents. Since we first began leasing our Green Lake apartments, our rooftop has become one of the most coveted rooftop decks in Seattle, so we have the low-down on how to turn up the right way when it comes to Rooftop parties this Summer.

1. Pick the Right Rooftop

Eleanor Apartments has the Cadillac of rooftop decks

It may sound overly simple, but it’s true: not all rooftops are created equal. If you really want to impress your guests, carefully consider your venue options. As we mentioned a bit ago, Eleanor Apartments has the Cadillac of rooftop decks, equipped with whatever a tenant might need for a comfortable and successful party including an open area with a lot of light and awesome skyline views.

But, if you don’t live at Eleanor or have your own rooftop deck, check with friends and family to see who might have a killer roof for a shindig.

2. Be Shady

Be Shaddy in Apartments Near Green Lake for rooftop parties

This is a must-do if you’re starting all the festivities during the day. Everyone loves to take in a little sun, but not everyone loves to bake in it for hours on end. At Eleanor Apartments, we understand that not everyone’s comfort level is the same, so we made sure do design in plenty of areas that are shaded from the sun. In fact, our terraced rooftop also has direct access to our indoor community lounge/club room. For rooftops with little shade, you might want to think about utilizing some patio umbrellas, and make sure to provide sunscreen for your guests.

3. Make Sure There’s Seating

The rooftop at Eleanor Apartments includes plenty of tables and chairs

This may seem like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how often hosts forget to provide their guests with adequate seating. Providing and organizing seats in the right way is important for movement and comfort at any gathering. You don’t need to have a chair for every single person, but try to have some seating that is grouped into different areas of the deck, so guests can easily congregate and mingle.

The rooftop at Eleanor Apartments includes plenty of tables and chairs that are positioned to maximize space and flow. We want guests to feel like they have comfortable places for private conversations or just taking a relaxing party timeout.

4. Provide Refreshments

Don’t forget to plan out the food and drinks. Try to provide a variety of options and make sure everything is out and easily accessible to your guests. Keep in mind that for many, a summer rooftop party equates to barbecuing.

Eleanor Apartments makes it easy to throw the best barbecue ever! Our apartments near Greenlake fearture rooftop BBQs, and a full kitchen located within the connected community lounge. Preparing and serving fresh foods and beverages can be crucial to a successful get-together

5. Get Some Tunes Ready

You’re probably going to have several party people that are meeting for the first time. This is sometimes an awkward situation. Do you want to make it even more awkward with moments of pure silence? Not to mention, music is really vital to the overall tone of the party. Try to prepare curated playlists on your phone or computer. You’ll want to pick out at least 100 songs to work with.

6. Be Entertaining

Easier said than done, right? Well, getting people jazzed about your party is not very difficult if you have access to a well-appointed rooftop deck. Remember when we mentioned Eleanor Apartments has a community lounge/club room? Our community lounge is chock full of games and activities including shuffleboard, billiards, and several flat-screen TVs. Boredom is not an option where we’re from!

You might’ve noticed that our rooftop party ideas indicated that Eleanor has rooftop deck (subtle, right?). We couldn’t help it. For many residents, the rooftop is the crown jewel of Eleanor. In addition to being an ideal party spot, it’s also a space where our residents take a break from city life, enjoy some fresh air, and connect with neighbors. It’s all a part of our Thoughtful Living philosophy, which aims to balance natural beauty with urban sophistication.

Are you looking for apartments near Green Lake with incredible amenities? Make sure to check out Eleanor Apartments!