You may have already heard the news, but in case you’re new to Roosevelt allow us to remind you. We just opened our doors at Eleanor, and we’re already halfway leased up! People are obviously excited about living in the Roosevelt neighborhood, but they’re also excited to be living at Eleanor in particular.

Why’s that?

Well, aside from our fabulous floor plans, incredible amenities, and a few of Seattle’s best parks in our backyard, people are excited about Eleanor because we provide a lifestyle that’s both comfortable and eco-friendly. People really value living within an environmentally conscious community, and they can do that at Eleanor without sacrificing any of the modern comforts you’d find anywhere else.

LEED for Homes Certification

As a commitment to sustainable living, Eleanor is currently pursuing LEED certification. LEED for Homes stands for “Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design”, and it’s an internationally recognized green building certification system.

A building is constructed with extra care and forethought if it’s meant to achieve LEED status. There are certain standards to be met with regards to building materials and the source of those materials, energy conservation, air quality, building techniques and much more. Even impact on the surrounding neighborhood dramatically factors into LEED certification.

Building green can be a rigorous process, but it’s completely worth it.  Buying local materials helps strengthens the economy and cuts down on shipping, which in turn reduces the energy needed to deliver those products. The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), an internationally recognized group of builders, environmentalists, corporations, nonprofits, lawmakers, and educators, are the ones that administer LEED certifications. The council shares a vision of sustainability that is moving the building industry forward in a new and profound way.

Here are a few of Eleanor’s Eco-Friendly Features

Rooftop Irrigation in our Courtyard

The roof and landscaping design is built to slow and filter the stormwater, mitigating the effects on local infrastructure.

Our Gleaming Solar Panels

Eleanor is proud to include fifty-five visible 240-watt photovoltaic solar panels right next to our rooftop deck! The solar panels provide us with enough electricity to power all of our social and amenity spaces!

On-Site Recycling and Composting

Recycling and composting is one of the most immediate ways to make an environmental difference. Eleanor’s On-site Recycling and Composting center makes it easy to responsibly deal with your waste.

Additional Features

High-efficiency plumbing fixtures and appliances courtesy of Whirlpool. Sun-shades in the units and amenity spaces to efficiently control the interior temperature. Photovoltaics to increase our utilization of solar energy in common spaces. Water-saving faucets and showerheads.  100% LED lighting in units.  All low-VOC paints and flooring.

Living sustainably and comfortably are not mutually exclusive lifestyles. In fact, that idea is the cornerstone of our philosophy of Thoughtful Living. At Eleanor, we purposefully design our community to allow our residents to live a complete life, both within and outside of our building.

If you’re looking for a new exciting corner of town where you can enjoy your neighborhood and your home while living as one with the environment, Eleanor is the spot for you!

We’re currently leasing! Get in touch today!