Tips for Saving Money When You Live In An Apartment Community Seattle, WA

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with using a few tricks here and there to help save money. Nowadays, there are so many effective money saving tactics allowing you to save where it counts, so you can spend you hard earned dough where it matters most – on loved ones and having fun! And it’s not like comfort and thriftiness are mutually exclusive! At Eleanor, we wholeheartedly embrace frugality at every turn. In fact, many of the aspects of the community at Eleanor have been specifically designed to maximize convenience without sacrificing comfort. If you’re up for it, there are plenty of ways you can save money while living at Eleanor, without taking away from your experience of Roosevelt, Seattle, or your lifestyle. Here are just a few…

Remember to Be Patient and Exercise Forethought

Here’s a money saving tip that will carry you through the rest of your life. Patience is a virtue; not just when it comes to saving money, but in all aspects of your life. Patience is incredibly important! Whether you’re decorating your new apartment 1 Bedroom Apartment at Eleanor, you’re saving up for a big purchase, or you’re just looking to revamp your monthly budget to give yourself some breathing room, choosing to be patient never hurts! Rome wasn’t built in a day, and the same can be said about the perfect budget. In fact, forethought and patience is precisely how the perfect budget is crafted.  Whatever you do with your money, make sure you define your hard monthly expenses and do your darndest to limit the spending of your disposable income. We’ve all heard the phrase, “Money Can Burn A Hole in Your Pocket,” but just know that you don’t need to spend that extra cash right away!

Public Transportation, Biking, Walking, ETC.

Wherever you live, you should look for opportunities to avoid using a car or taxi/cab services. It’s pretty hard to save money when you rely on these modes of transport too heavily, and if you try and opt for public transportation or biking for daily commutes, your wallet will be happier for it. Eleanor Apartments, and the neighborhood of Roosevelt in general are perfectly outfitted for public transportation, biking, AND walking. There’s plenty of bus stops, many of which are just around the corner from Eleanor, that enable you to get anywhere in town. But there’s also the Roosevelt Corridor – which will soon streamline public transportation and biking times from Northgate into South Lake Union, easing commute times to and from Roosevelt immensely.


Plus, as of the election in November, Roosevelt-ians will soon have the extra-special added convenience of the Light Rail!


And lest we forget that Walk Score!


There’s more than enough options for inexpensive commutes to and from Eleanor and in and out of the Roosevelt neighborhood.


Not too long ago, we wrote a blog post that included some cleaning tricks and tips for when you live with Roommates. Don’t worry – we made sure to include some tried and true DIY cleaning tips in here! Most apartment dwellers seem to think that opting for anything Do-It-Yourself is an automatic trade off between money and time/effort, but that simply is not true. As you saw in our roommate cleaning tip post, DIY simply takes a little planning, and you’re sure to save both time and money. DIY cleaning solutions, for instance, are a money saving no-brainer. Just plan ahead and make a large enough quantity and you’ll avoid future trips to the store.

It’s not as though you need to start living solely off of recycled goods – but a few DIY tricks here and there will certainly help curb unnecessary spending and save cash in the long run. And DIY doesn’t just pertain to cleaning – in fact, there are TONS of DIY tips you can use to decorate, clean, and organize your apartment. D…I…Why? Because, why not?!

Eat In More Often

Money saving tip 101: Eating out too often is perhaps the most effective way of quickly draining your wallet. Hey, we get it! We all love the experience of eating out; it’s a ton of fun, and the food is typically better than whatever you’d throw together at home.  We’re not telling you to ever eat out, but if you’re looking to create a sensible, realistic budget, then trips to restaurants and opting for take-out should be the first thing you cut back on.

Everybody knows that making food at home is more economical, and it’s typically more healthy, so why don’t we do it more often? Convenience – that’s why. But remember, convenience is typically something you have to pay for, especially when it comes to food. Don’t be fooled – the community at Eleanor is anything but typical. Every home at Eleanor comes with stainless steel Whirlpool appliances, along with a ton of kitchen space, which allows you to unleash your inner celebrity chef whenever you feel like it. Plus, the community at Eleanor has an epic Community Lounge with a full-service kitchen. So, if you’re ever looking to cook an utterly massive meal at home, you’ve got the space and the appliances for it!

Choose Quality over Quantity

This money saving tip might seem counter-intuitive, but trust us, it works. Higher quality items typically cost more at the outset, but if you’re careful with your dollars, and you opt for quality over quantity when making purchases for your apartment, you’ll definitely save big time in the long run. Sure, that used couch or that used bed frame might be really inexpensive, but if it breaks down and you’re forced to buy another, did it really save you money? Having said that, the quality over quantity paradigm doesn’t apply equally to everything. Look at food, for example; higher quality foods are always more expensive, and they don’t necessarily last longer  or provide more nutrition than less expensive alternatives. But if you exercise a little forethought, you can avoid unnecessary overspending. However, when it comes to clothing, furniture, supplies, and decorations, it’s never a bad idea to opt for something that will last the test of time.

Eleanor’s Social Spaces Can Help You Save!  

Like we said, Eleanor is perfectly outfitted for both comfort and convenience –  not just within each apartment – but within the entire building! Every communal space within Eleanor has free WIFI. You read that correctly – FREE WIFI! While it’s probably not best to rely solely on the community’s amenities, the constant availability of a network connection will certainly help you save on your data plan. If you work remotely, there’s no need to go to a coffee shop or a library for internet access. You can get out of your apartment and set out for a day of productivity without having to go very far at all.

Of course, we can’t forget to mention Eleanor’s State-of-the-art onsite Fitness Center, which is open 24/7. With constant access to a complete gym, with all the facilities you’ve come to expect at all the popular gym franchises, you can kiss that costly membership goodbye.

At Eleanor, we hold true to the philosophy of Thoughtful Living. In fact, it’s our guiding principle in all of the decisions we make in designing our community. Thoughtful Living means that we’ve considered all of your needs and we’ve specifically designed the community to suit those needs. If you’re looking for money saving tips while living in an apartment community in Seattle, you should definitely consider Eleanor. With a host of convenient amenities and an even more convenient location, there are plenty of ways to save money while living here.

If you’re interested in joining our community and experiencing the best that Seattle has to offer, contact us today!