Eleanor-Local-Business-Highlights-Seattle,WA One of the best parts about living at Eleanor: the local businesses in Roosevelt. No, we don’t mean Starbucks – we’re talking a little bit more local than that! Thankfully, Roosevelt and the surrounding neighborhoods are inundated with interesting little shops and stores which provide unique experiences that are unattainable in other regions and cities.

This sort local neighborhood quality is of the utmost importance to us here at Eleanor. After all, Thoughtful Living is our guiding philosophy for all things we do, and it encompasses our residents’ lifestyles both within and outside of our building. It determines the way in which people spend their time at home in Eleanor and the way in which they interact with the surrounding neighborhood. And that’s why we’re so grateful to call Roosevelt home – it provides our residents with an eclectic and localized lifestyle that’s wholly unique to this corner of town.

Here are 4 of our favorite local businesses that do their part in making this part of Seattle special.

Third Place Books


Third place Books in Ravenna is a great buy & sell used bookstore that also hosts frequent events and readings. Third Place Books originally came about as an attempt at creating a community in the North End of Seattle centered around books and the ideas held within them. The first Third Place location was founded in 1998 in Lake Forest Park, and in 2002 the Ravenna neighborhood saw the next Third Place Books location open up. A general interest bookstore with over 200,000 new, used, and bargain books, there’s something for everyone at Third Place. It is a fun, comfortable, and safe place to browse, linger, lounge, relax, read, eat, laugh, play, talk, and listen. Make sure to check out their Facebook to stay up to date on events and readings!


Greggs Cycle


If you’re a cyclist in the Greenlake/Roosevelt area, it’s likely that you already know and greatly appreciate Gregg’s Cycles. Gregg’s Greenlake Cycle originally opened its doors back in 1932 under the direction of R.V. Gregg – yes, Gregg’s is a local business that goes back almost 90 years! These days, Gregg’s Cycles is under the tutelage of the third generation of the Gregg family. As a successful bike shop, which has called Green Lake home for over 80 years, the folks at Gregg’s understand the importance of community. Along with providing fantastic in-store service, Gregg’s also does a lot to support the local Seattle cycling community. Over the decades the folks at Gregg’s have donated time, money, manpower to many local causes and events promoting this sustainable form of urban travel. They’ve also been voted the #1 bike shop in Western Washington for multiple years running. Check out their Facebook to stay up to date on all events and promotions!

ScareCrow Video


Ever wish you could head to back in time 15 years and head to a video store to rent one of your favorite classics? Well, in Roosevelt, you don’t have to time travel, or even travel very far. ScareCrow Video in the north end of University District, just a few blocks south of Eleanor, is widely known and celebrated as Seattle’s premiere video archive and rental store. From its original purpose as a simple video rental store to its new status as a non-profit archive, Scarecrow has always existed for a singular purpose: to bring people and film together. Over the course of its lifetime, ScareCrows dedicated employees have gradually accumulated the largest independently owned video and physical media library in the country – they currently boast over 120,000 titles!  Scarecrow has also acted as a hub for the local film scene, providing a knowledgeable and passionate staff to offer all who visit Scarecrow with a unique experience. This passion for film has fanned out into the Seattle film community as Scarecrow consistently supports local film, promotes film screenings, and draws filmmakers from all over into town. To stay current on upcoming releases and events, make sure to check out their Facebook!

Zenith Supplies


Do you like to make your own soap? What about your own candles? Not sure? Well, Zenith Supplies can help you find out! Located just around the corner from Eleanor, Zenith was originally established in 1975 by Jacob Griffs. It started out as a small purveyor of professional masseuse supplies. Since then they’ve grown into a massive retail space for all things involving Massage, Yoga, and all things DIY health and wellness. Zenith carries some of the finest oils, lotions, and creams you can find at wholesale prices, including 100 pure, steam-distilled essential oils and over 100 fragrance oils. For the candle and soap maker, Zenith also offers a huge selection of oils, bottles, jars, dispensers, and accessories! They also carry a variety of gifts, incenses, books, gemstones, pre-made soaps and more! They also do a ton to support health and wellness throughout the Roosevelt community! Visit their Facebook to stay up to date on what’s going down at Zenith.

At Eleanor, it’s our mission to provide residents with a well-rounded lifestyle, and we know a well-rounded lifestyle depends on your home life, but it also relies heavily on the neighborhood in which you live. We’ve included the four Roosevelt Local businesses listed above to serve as examples for the sort of special, thoughtful experience you’re able to have in this part of Seattle.


If you’re interested in calling this unique corner of Seattle your home, visit Eleanor. With a host of fantastic amenities and a number of spacious floorplans that will suit any lifestyle and arrangement, Eleanor is the perfect place to live Thoughtfully in Seattle.

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