These days, satisfying the wants and needs of apartment residents is a careful balancing act that requires some consideration. The difference between wants and needs has been a problem for people since the dawn of time, and it’s no different for apartments. As we all know, what you need is not always what you want, and the opposite is equally true – something that advertisers of all kinds, especially those of apartment communities, have exploited for quite a while.

But at Eleanor Apartments, we’re proud to be different. Eleanor Apartments provides apartment amenities that perfectly balance your wants and needs in order to provide you with a lifestyle worth living, not to bog you down with all the extra bells and whistles we can throw at you.

The internet is currently alive with articles that shine a light on some of the most outlandish apartment amenities in existence – including private jets, sky pools, onsite spas, movie theaters, outsourced chores…you name it! Hey, all of that sounds great – if you’re watching an episode of Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous – but let’s get real, does the average person NEED those sort of apartment amenities? Of course, they don’t!

Eleanor Apartments is a community for real people, and we’re here to prove that a luxury lifestyle is easily attainable in a community with thoughtful, no-nonsense apartment amenities – even if you don’t have a private jet or an onsite spa. Here, all of your wants and needs are accounted for, without a bunch of extra stuff you don’t want or need.

A Lobby Lounge to Meet, Greet, and Transition

A tasteful, comfortable lobby lounge probably isn’t high on the list of wants for apartment hunters when it comes to apartment amenities, but we can say with pure confidence that it’s definitely something that’s needed. The Lobby Lounge at Eleanor is thoughtfully designed with crisp, natural finishes in order to provide our residents with a smooth transition between life outside of the building and life within. It also doubles as a comfortable place to interact or to enjoy a few quiet moments to read the paper or surf the net. The lobby lounge is our simple way of giving our residents the opportunity to quickly prepare for the day outside of Eleanor, and to decompress when they return home.

A Fitness Center With Everything You Need For Daily Exercise

We’ll admit it; having an onsite fitness center isn’t necessarily a new frontier when it comes to apartment amenities. All sorts of apartment communities provide their residents with the fitness centers they so desperately want, but very few of them have the facilities that one actually needs to maintain daily exercise. It’s not enough to simply have a room called ‘The Fitness Center’ – that room should be outfitted with items necessary for a well-rounded gym workout. The Fitness Center at Eleanor Apartments is open 24/7 and it comes with Industry Grade Weights, Kettlebells, Cardio Machines – including treadmills and ellipticals, Yoga Mats, AB Balls, and an Outdoor Balcony. We also made sure to include a few TV’s, so that you’re never bored.

A Bike Parking & Gear Room that Makes Life Easy for Cyclists

Bike Storage facilities, as far as apartment amenities go, are one of those accommodations that are usually needed in cities like Seattle, but many cyclist commuters are so used to life without adequate on-site bike storage, that it’s rarely on the list of wants among apartment hunters. As with many Seattle Apartment communities, many of the residents at Eleanor Apartments prefer life on two wheels and we’re happy to make that sort life easy on them. The Bike Storage Room at Eleanor features a ton of storage space for bicycles, and it also has workstations and tools with which residents can perform tuneups and maintenance as needed.

A 2-story Community Lounge that Satisfies Both Wants and Needs

It’s typical among apartment residents to crave a little extra space, and there are times when you really need it as well. That’s why Eleanor Apartments has made sure to include a 2-story community lounge with enough space and features to satisfy both the needs and wants of all of our residents. The Community Lounge comes with a full-service kitchen if you ever crave an extra special dish. Plus there are couches and a ton of lounging space, shuffleboard, a pool table, and a flat screen TV’s galore! But, wait – there’s more! The Top floor of the Community Lounge also connects to your own slice of paradise – the Rooftop DECK!

Your Own Slice of Paradise – A Rooftop Deck!

Tipping the apartment amenity scale back toward wants and away from needs (Hey, you’re wants are important as well!) it’s tough to say if anyone truly NEEDS a rooftop deck as an apartment amenity, but it’s safe to say that all of us would like a little slice of paradise with a view to match. Life at Eleanor is all about balance – we provide residents with a healthy blend of amenities to satisfy both wants and needs, and our Rooftop Deck is a key feature among that balance. With BBQ’s, lounge furniture, and some truly remarkable views, the Rooftop Deck at Eleanor is the crown jewel among the community’s apartment amenities. But that’s not all!

Wait – There’s more!

There’s more amazing amenities available at Eleanor Apartments.

On-site parking

Not everybody needs parking, but nobody wants to be stuck searching for a spot on the street. Eleanor Apartments features 200 Indoor parking spaces for residents who need it.

Additional Storage

Just like parking, not everyone wants or needs additional storage but some residents absolutely need it. At Eleanor, additional storage is one of the most necessary apartment amenities we’ve provided – no one should want for extra space at Eleanor.

Dog Salon

Yes, that’s right – a dog salon. Again, not everyone needs this amenity, but almost all of our residents, including those who don’t own dogs and don’t love their smell, are happy it’s here.


In today’s world, connectivity is key. Not many would think to ask for Free Wifi in the social spaces of their community, but all of the residents at Eleanor are happy it’s here.

Many Apartment Communities out there have taken to throwing everything and the kitchen sink at their residents in hopes that the sheer volume of fancy amenities will impress them. At Eleanor Apartments, we’re a little different. We solve the age old problem of wants vs. needs by continuously consulting our bedrock philosophy of Thoughtful Living. Thoughtful Living means that everything, both inside and out, has been considered on our residents’ behalf. Instead of bogging down our residents with a ton of extraneous amenities that they neither want or need, we’ve considered all of your wants and needs to provide you with amenities and a community that allows you to live your best self. Everything at Eleanor is meant to add to your lifestyle, not take away from it.

If you’re interested in living thoughtfully with us at Eleanor, please get in touch today!