Tips for Decorating Your Urban Seattle Apartment

Whether you’re a new or a well-seasoned Seattleite, you’ve probably heard why so many are choosing to move here. It’s no secret! As a hotbed of activity, culture, and excitement, Seattle is one of the best places to live in the entire country. As a result, there are tons of awesome urban apartments available that have the space, convenience, and functionality you need to enjoy all the Emerald City has to offer. The only thing you’ll have to worry about – the décor. Luckily, Eleanor Apartments is here with some apartment decorating tips for an urban 1 bedroom apartment in Seattle.

Treat Your Open 1 Bedroom Like it Has Multiple Rooms

Just because a studio is one open space, doesn’t mean it has to stay that way. In fact, having all of your furniture and belongings in one area without any clear separation might make everything feel a little cluttered. Trust us, it’s not that difficult to compartmentalize your apartment to provide you with a sense of privacy and style. Position a television between the sleeping space and where you plan to entertain or try parking a buffet or bar cart between the kitchen and dining area. Also, think about using curtains or partitions to help you divide up the space in ways that suit you and make sense with your layout.

Use Dual-Purpose Furniture

When it comes to apartment decorating tips, dual-purpose furniture is one that you don’t want to forget. Whether you’re in a studio, or a three bedroom apartment, furniture with built-in storage capabilities is one of the most effective ways of saving space while preserving functionality. For example, hollow benches and ottomans not only provide seating, but also extremely useful storage space. Additionally, there are a ton of couches and beds that include drawers, which helps lessen your reliance on drawers and shelves.

Get Creative With Storage

If you’re a person that needs a great deal of space, having an open 1 bedroom apartment in Seattle sometimes requires a little storage creativity and strategy. In addition to the hidden storage provided by furniture, think about using vertical spaces. A shelf rod with baskets can be hung behind doors, and things like jewelry and kitchen utensils can be hung on the wall. This will free up drawer and cabinet real estate. Plus, there are many items that can serve as both storage and decorative pieces, which many Eleanor Apartments residents have discovered. Use a retail rack for clothing storage, or repurpose a vintage chest to make it a coffee table, there’s no limit to creative ways to store your stuff.

At Eleanor Apartments, we certainly encourage our residents to make the most of their apartment spaces, but we also offer extra storage space if it’s needed. You should never have to keep your prized possessions in a random storage unit miles from your home.

Go With Light Colors and Don’t Overload Your Walls

You’ll see this time and time again when you read about apartment decorating tips: Minimal design always works well. Less is more, and this is especially true when you have a studio apartment in Seattle. Style and space have to work together. One way to accomplish this is by utilizing light colors on your walls and avoiding overloading your walls with excessive posters, pictures, and hangings. While dark colors may seem beautiful and bold at first, they can create the illusion that the space is smaller than it is, which is never what you want. One accent wall with a darker wall hang can actually help create visual depth, but beyond that, it starts to feel stuffy.

Utilize Mirrors

It’s so simple, yet so powerful. Correctly positioned mirrors can provide extra light which makes rooms look and feel significantly larger. You just have to make sure that you’re properly harnessing the right light. Typically, placing a mirror across from a window can effectively capture the natural light that emanates during both the day and night. Yes – even when you are in an Urban 1 bedroom apartment in Seattle, a city notorious for it’s rainy weather, there is plenty of natural light to harness.

Try a Floating Design

At Eleanor Apartments, we know that it’s important to consider flow when suggesting apartment decorating tips. Bulky shelves, furniture and fixtures can unnecessarily take up a lot of space and may cause your apartment to feel crowded and less manageable. With a floating design, you are not only adding a sleek style to your apartment; you’re also creating areas that serve multiple purposes. For instance, with a floating shelf or sink, you’re generating extra room underneath where you can add more storage, furniture or decorative pieces. Floating shevles are also a very stylish way of providing yourself with extra space, and they’re extremely easy to install.

Clean Regularly

We know, this isn’t exactly a decorating tip for your open 1 bedroom apartment, but a clean home is a happy home. It might not sound fun, but you know in your heart that it’s something you have to do. It’s very easy to leave a small mess here and there when you’re too busy to properly deal with it. But, over time, these small messes accumulate and become the clutter that can make your apartment uncomfortable and uninviting. Regular cleaning is way to make sure your apartment always looks and feels right, and it helps in all of your other decorating decisions.

Eleanor Apartments is determined to provide Seattleites with a Thoughtful Living experience. We believe that a home extends beyond the walls of your apartment. It’s true; we’ve worked hard on designing functional and stylish floor plans and finishes. But, that’s not our only focus. We also want to foster a connection between residents and community, which is why our community includes several social spaces and is located in the Roosevelt neighborhood of Seattle.

If you’re looking for an open 1 bedroom apartment in Seattle that allows you to decorate your space as you see fit, contact Eleanor Apartments today!