Tips to survive Seattle traffic

Are you new to Eleanor apartment homes in Seattle’s Roosevelt neighborhood? If not, and you are in the market for some new digs in a trendy location, check out the many floor plans at these new “green” concept homes. The area has a small-town feel, yet is close to Seattle’s growing hi-tech center. In Roosevelt, you’re going to want to get out and stroll this exciting area that is dotted with early 1900 craftsman homes, tree-lined streets and is a few short blocks away from historic Ravenna Park.

However, from time to time, you may need to go out a little further so you should know that Seattle is the fifth-most traffic-congested U.S. city, with metro area drivers spending an average 89 hours in 2014 delayed on the area’s motorways.

So if traveling a little faster is on your to-do list this year or friends are coming to visit think outside the freeway; there are a few ways one can successfully shorten up their commutes.

Strategically navigate

Are you aware of the area’s worst traffic traps? If your daily journey happens to take you along I-5 through downtown, you likely know the misery of rush-hour traffic jam. According to Seattle Magazine, there are a few notorious traffic spots you should avoid, if possible. Along with I-5 through downtown are Denny Way, between First and Fairview avenues, the intersection at First and Columbia leading to S.R. 99 on-ramp and Sixth Avenue between James and Columbia Streets and of course Mercer. If you’ve got to travel downtown, ditch the car and take advantage of one the tips listed below.

1) Take advantage of the new ‘link’

Whether you’re an area resident or just stopping in for a weekend away, chances are you’ll notice Sound Transit’s Link light rail service. But this fast and efficient way to commute is becoming much more useful. With new stations at the University of Washington and Capitol Hill, the rail is covering more ground than ever before. The new stations allow riders to get from UW to downtown in less than eight minutes and between UW and Capitol Hill in less than five. Try that in your car.

2)  Take a Rideshare

Both Uber and Lyft have a strong presence in Seattle and offer prices significantly lower than traditional taxis. In addition, the average wait for a ride in Seattle is around 5 minutes, depending on time of day and pick-up location. This low wait time and affordable prices, coupled with newer model cars, makes the Ride-share extremely convenient.

3) Bus Transportation is alive and well

As of 2015, King County Metro operates the 4th largest fleet of buses in the United States, with a total of 1,882 buses.  If the many available bus routes match up with your location/destination, this can be a cheap and fast option for you. In addition, if you want to make this your go-to mode of travel, you can buy an Orca card which lets you commute in the region by bus, ferry, rail or train – or a combination. If you set up autoload, you’ll never need to worry about having cash.

4) Foot power

Seattle is rapidly becoming a world-class walkable city, according to Bicycles are also very much a part of Seattle’s DNA.  Pronto Cycle Share, sponsored by Alaska Airlines, makes 500 bikes available (at 54 stations) to residents and visitors in Downtown, Capitol Hill, Pioneer Square, International District, South Lake Union and the University District.  

5) Cars

If you have to drive, try Zipcar. They have over 350 cars parked around Seattle for members to use. Get the app and enter your address or neighborhood to find a Zipcar near you. Or enter your work address or best friend’s address to view the cars in those areas too

Know the right (and wrong) commute times

Got a flexible schedule or a job that allows you to work remotely now and then? Time your commute accordingly. According to Curbed, if you’re able to avoid the Thursday afternoon rush hour, do it. It’s the week’s most traffic-congested period. Mondays and Fridays are better for automobile commuters, though still not great, so plan your week accordingly.

These tips can save you and your friend countless hours and are offered up by Eleanor Apartment Homes, the ultimate living experience in Seattle’s best neighborhood, Roosevelt.

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