Why Roosevelt is Seattle’s Best Neighborhood to Rent in 2017

Seattle is a city full of opportunity and excitement. The citizens and businesses within the various communities have worked hard to create a dynamic economy. Millions of people get the chance to experience the various, eclectic areas in order to express their own styles and personalities. One neighborhood that is continuously thriving and defining itself  is the Roosevelt district, and at Eleanor Apartments we’re proud to call it home. If you’re on the hunt for a Seattle Apartment near UW, or Ravenna, or Greenlake, have you considered Roosevelt? We’re confident that you’ll find that Roosevelt is definitley the best neighborhood in Seattle! 

1.  In Roosevelt, There Is a Great Sense of Community

People choose apartments in the Roosevelt neighborhood of Seattle WA because of the tight-knit community. Several organizations have been formed to improve and maintain a safe and enjoyable neighborhood for all residents, and they do a great job! The Ravenna-Bryant Community Association regularly works with city officials on the issues that affect the Ravenna and Bryant areas, and The Roosevelt Neighborhood Association works with the local government to keep the streets safe for drivers and pedestrians. Plus, there’s the Roosevelt Neighbors’ Alliance, which functions to enhance the lives of residents that live and work in the Northwest area of the University District.

2. Great Roosevelt Businesses Near Eleanor Apartments

We know what we’re talking about here – Eleanor’s Seattle apartments are situated in an optimal location surrounded by several unique businesses that embody and celebrate the Pacific Northwest lifestyle.

Third Place Books

At Eleanor, we’re big on intellectual stimulation, and if you are too, then you’ll want to check out Third Place Books. The store carries more than 200,000 books, and don’t worry if you’re reading on a budget. Third Place buys and sells used books, so it’s not too difficult to find your favorite titles at bargain prices. Plus, there’s a cafe that hosts frequent events like live readings and performances.

Greggs Cycle

If you’ve been searching for apartments in Roosevelt, Seattle WA, you’ve probably noticed that the neighborhood has a massive cycling community. As a result, there is no shortage of bike shops, but none are as successful or as well known Gregg’s Cycle, frequently named the top bike shop in Western Washington. This is no surprise, considering they’ve been serving the community for nearly 90 years. Many of our Eleanor Apartments residents have a bike or two from Greggs stored in our bike parking and gear room.

ScareCrow Video

Do you ever feel a little nostalgic about home video rentals and VHS tapes? If so, then you’d love ScareCrow Video. Just a few minutes from Eleanor, this store began as your typical video rental store like a blockbuster but with a WAY BETTER selection. But, it has since grown into something much bigger. Now a non-profit organization, ScareCrow encourages film preservation and appreciation. Not only do they carry hundreds of thousands of movies, some of which are extremely rare and hard to find, but they also are committed to aiding Seattle’s local film community through hosting events.

Zenith Supplies

Zenith Supplies is one of the foremost suppliers of yoga, massage and other holistic health and wellness type products in North Seattle. Here, you can get your fix of lotions, incenses, creams, soaps and oils, and it’s a great place to pick up gifts for your loved ones. Or, if you’d rather make your own gifts, Zenith also has all the materials necessary for making your own soaps and candles. It’s a DIY wonderland.

3. The City Parks

This is a big one for residents of apartments in Roosevelt, Seattle. It’s no accident that Eleanor Apartments chose the Roosevelt neighborhood of Seattle, and the public parks around here had a lot to do with it. While the neighborhood is located in the heart of a lively, urban area, it’s still home to some of the most popular and beautiful parks in all of Seattle.

Green Lake Park

Green Lake is just a 3-minute drive from Eleanor’s Seattle apartments. On a beautiful day, it’s the place to be, with all sorts of activities perfect for the entire family. Bikers, runners, walkers, and nature enthusiasts alike enjoy making their way around the 3-mile loop that surrounds the Park’s gorgeous lake. Plus, in the middle of the lake is a small island, which is known as a local roost for a bald eagle that can sometimes be spied soaring of the lake! Additionally, the public has access to Green Lake’s community pool, the kids play area, boat rentals, basketball and tennis courts, soccer fields, and a ton more! There’s even a small community theater.

Ravenna Park

Just minutes away from Eleanor Apartments, Ravenna Park is a popular area for picnics, quick hikes and jogging. It’s located in a wooded ravine which extends about a half mile. There are plenty of trails for you to explore, or you can spend some time relaxing near the wading pool, or playing at the park!

Cowen Park

Cowen is another popular picnic spot located at the west end of Ravenna Park, just north of the University of Washington. You can bring some food with you to throw on the barbecue pits, or expend some energy on the softball fields or tennis courts. For those of you with children, you’ll be pleased to hear that Cowen has a playground that is less than a 15-minute walk from our Seattle Apartments.

4. Apartments in Roosevelt, Seattle Are Perfect for Commuters

Commuting to and from Eleanor Apartments is a total breeze. But soon, traffic is going to be even less of a worry in the Roosevelt neighborhood. There will soon be light rail station on 12th Avenue that can take riders to Northgate in a couple minutes, or out to SeaTac airport in just 45 minutes. Also, the RapidRide bus service will soon run from the Roosevelt corridor to connections in downtown, South Lake Union, Eastlake, the University District, Maple Leaf and Northgate. Of course, if you have you’re own car, you’ll benefit from the proximity to I5, which is just minutes away.

5. Roosevelt High School

Roosevelt is a great high school which acts as unifying force within the Roosevelt community in a few different ways. The games, the performances, the school spirit – it all goes towards making Roosevelt into the community that it is. For those of you with children, you’re probably concerned with what sort of education they’ll have access to. Well, you’ll be pleased to know that Roosevelt High School is one of the best schools in Washington State, with competitive sports teams, performing arts, and educational standards. It’s also ranked high on a national level, according to U.S. News & World Report!

At Eleanor Apartments, we’re all about Thoughtful Living – a community where comfort and convenience have been perfectly incorporated in order to accommodate your lifestyle. We want to make sure you have the resources that will help you lead a fulfilling life and we’re confident that our community, both within and without can provide that for you.

At Eleanor Apartments, we offer modern designs, spacious floor plans and high-end amenities. If you’re interested in joining Eleanor and becoming part of the Roosevelt community, the best neighborhood in Seattle, please get in touch!  

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