Recycling-roosevelt-Seattle-WAAmericans waste millions of pounds of food every year – and space in landfills isn’t getting any larger. Seattle has a reputation for being a forward-thinking city when it comes to environmental sustainability.  Eleanor Apartments is a truly modern living space that strives to meet the needs of community members interested in sustainable activities. In fact, many of the unique features of our complex, such as the woodland boardwalk and water landscaping, are designed to work in harmony with nature. Our recycling and composting program comes from our desire to do more every day.

At Eleanor, every resident has access to a complete recycling and composting center. We’ve made it simple for you to turn your food waste into rich, fertile soil and to make sure that the paper and plastic go to a recycling facility and not a landfill. We believe that communities should make recycling and composting easy. Our program helps simplify the process. You don’t need to do anything more than put your trash into the right can. 

At Eleanor, we pride ourselves on living sustainably, and we want to afford you the opportunity to live more sustainably every day.